Specialized & Certified Service Provider

The CAC goes above and beyond to ensure all individual’s receive specialized services throughout their experience at our day center. Programs and rooms are designed for an out of chair experience for individuals in need of out of chair experiences. The center also provides for dietary restrictions, texture modifications, thickened liquids, monitor intake, tube feeding and flushes. The CAC does allow participants with oxygen. Behavioral specialists work with staff and participants to ensure the best service and works with ICFMR or Nisonger for formal behavior plans with data provided monthly.

The center also has Personal care staff, and a nurse on duty.

The CAC uses Caretraker for information and documentation in every room throughout the center to ensure that information is available at all times.

Non-medical transportation can provide transportation to individuals to and from the center.

All staff is certified in CPR, First Aid, MAC, OSHA, Blood Borne Pathogens, CPI, wheel chair van training and must complete 30 hours of adult day services training.

Medicaid Licensure and Waiver provider

The CAC received CARF accreditation in 2009.

Professional art staff to assist in fine arts, crafts, ceramics, and pottery.

There are opportunities for community outings and special events. The CAC offers clubs that are based on interests, to go out in the community to do a variety of activities such as, enjoying a cup of coffee at a restaurant, visit the grocery for the center’s kitchen and cooking classes or to join volunteer opportunities and partnerships. Individuals may participate in special events that usually take place seasonally, such as festivals and sporting events.

The CAC provides a variety of unique money making opportunities. Shredding, pottery, kitchen helpers, designing t-shirts and fine arts are all ways the individuals can get involved in activities, learn new skills and while making money.